A Ray of Hope

"Once you choose hope, anything's possible."

~Christopher Reeve

About A Ray of Hope

A Ray of Hope supports a deeper connection and understanding of self by renewing the connection to your body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. This allows you to lead a fully creative, abundant, healthy, peaceful and blissful life!

A Ray of Hope is dedicated to nurturing, celebrating and honoring each individual as they embark on the process of becoming spiritually, physically and emotionally integrated!

A Ray of Hope is for all ages! We provide guidance and healing for adults and children of all ages. We provide support for the new generation of highly sensitive children, young adults and their parents, friends and families. We honor the awareness and intuitive gifts of this new generation!

A Ray of Hope offers many ways to connect to your heart through private Craniosacral sessions and/or Reiki sessions that may include essential oils and crystal healing.  For those of you looking for intuitive spiritual guidance, we offer Angel card readings.

In group settings we offer Reiki training for adults, teens and children.

The HeartSpeak workshop which is a day-long workshop developed to put you in touch with the language of the Heart. 

We offer coaching for parents of special needs children on the use of alternative therapies to aid their healing process. We also offer coaching for the parents of the new generation of highly aware and sensitive children.

For those of you wanting to pamper a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion we offer gift certificates for any of our services mentioned.