A Ray of Hope

“Children touch your heart in ways you cannot predict. A child will change you inside out and introduce you to a new dimension of your spiritual being.  They may take you to a place in your soul you may never have known before.”

~Judy Ford (Wonderful Ways to Love a Child)

Leo and Lawrence’s Journey

My journey into the healing arts began thirteen years ago with the birth of my son who happens to have cerebral palsy and autism. There was not much hope for him and the prognosis did not look good. I was told he would never walk unaided or become very independent. Trying to find ways to help him, I started exploring and researching what was out there that could support his healing.

In 1999 I came across Active Healing (Neurodevelopment Specialists out of Boston, Massachusetts). They put us on the track of alternative therapies and a holistic approach to working with Lawrence.

Empowered to take Lawrence’s health into my own hands, I set out on a quest to read, study and take classes on anything and everything out there that could help. I learned about chiropractic care and osteopathy.  I studied about energy medicine, crystals, color therapy, sound therapy, essential oils, reflexology, etc.

In August of 2001 I found and studied Reiki. Reiki really resonated with my heart. I started using it at home on myself, Lawrence, friends and family. I then started taking Lawrence to a craniosacral therapist. Our time in her office was sacred. She really honored Lawrence and what he and his body had to say to her. The reverence in her work and the way she could listen to what seemed like absolute total silence took me. I decided I wanted to learn to be present for Lawrence and other people in that way, so I started my path into the craniosacral world.

We also started chiropractic which kept his immune system balanced. We got rid of ear infections and Lawrence became stronger and healthier in general.

I came to find that by combining these therapies, Lawrence’s body started responding and miracles started happening before my eyes. Lawrence stood up and took his first steps at age six after intensive chiropractic care at Oklahaven Children’s Center in Oklahoma City.

I worked with Lawrence in my basement for six years using a combination of neuro-developmental therapy, ABA (Adaptive Behavior Modification), and massage with essential oils.  To that we added a gluten free/wheat free/casein free organic diet and reflexology.

Lawrence has gone from a little boy who couldn’t sit up or hold his head up, to a teenager who walks independently, feeds himself, and gets in and out of a car and a shower independently. He touches buttons and does some typing on the computer for communication. He goes into the pantry and pulls out a snack when he is hungry.  He goes up and down stairs with a little supervision and sets the table. He tolerates being in supermarkets (for short periods of time) and enjoys going to school and participating in class.  He has started kicking a soccer ball.

In September 2007, he participated in a three mile walk to fund-raise for his summer camp! My son still faces many challenges. Lawrence is still being trained to use the bathroom.  He is totally nonverbal and deals with a lot of anxiety and sensory issues. Yet, he has come so far!

I could never have imagined where he is today. All I can do is keep being present with him, in this moment, and supporting him as he chooses the changes he wants to make.

I have learned that it is not only about the physical body but about the connection between body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. Health with capital H (as my craniosacral teacher calls it) is our birth right. We can choose to shift and make better choices at all levels to support that Health.

I have also learned that there is always hope.  No matter where we are today things can be different tomorrow.

The biggest lesson of all is that everything happens for a reason.  As I worked with my son and explored new ways to help him, he was actually helping me find and come into my life’s purpose!

I have experienced, first-hand, the miracles our bodies are capable of when provided with the opportunity and tools to make a change. I trust, honor and believe in the ability we each have to heal from within. I believe our body holds much wisdom about what we need to lead healthy and blissful lives. We just need to listen to it and give ourselves a chance.