A Ray of Hope

The Heart

“We all hear it. It whispers to us during a time of need, or fear, or even peace. But it speaks. How well we listen depends on the many personal experiences in our lives, which open or close us to it’s guiding wisdom.”

~(from: Pathways to family wellness magazine issue 18)

The HeartSpeak Workshop

The HeartSpeak Workshop has been developed to support you in connecting to your heart. We are faced with a time in our world where it is crucial that we listen to our inner guidance and connect with our feelings and embrace our emotional body.  In many ways it has been numbed due to the demands and stresses of our everyday lives. This intelligent organ we call the heart has much to share with you… it is time to decipher its messages so that you can fulfill your dreams, lead a peaceful life and connect to the one heart of humanity.

This workshop has been designed to awaken you to the energy of your heart. You will experience heart restoration yoga to open up your heart center and chakras; crystal bowl meditation to sink into its presence; and art to play and express what’s held in this center.

You will also explore: