A Ray of Hope

“If there is to be peace on Earth we must begin with the children.”

~ Gandhi

Children: Natural Reiki Students and Healers

Intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, children are naturally well qualified for Reiki. Children are natural healers because they freely love and want to help others. Through the practice of Reiki, children become more self-confident, creative, compassionate, relaxed and peaceful.

The Workshops: Honoring the Healing Power of Children

A Ray of Hope offers children’s Reiki workshops (6 to 12 years old). The objective of the workshop is to encourage children to embrace and share their intuitive gifts. Reiki workshops are designed to awaken children to their own bodies, personal power, and healing touch. Meditation, movement, art and sound are the primary elements of instruction.

Workshops are conducted in a safe environment to allow children to discover their innate gifts and share their perceptions with other children. Reiki workshops at A Ray of Hope offer children the experience that Reiki is a natural, effective method of becoming emotionally, spiritually, and physically aware.

Through the practice of Reiki, children can become more self confident, creative, compassionate, relaxed, and peaceful, along with numerous other benefits. Reiki gives children a creative means of experiencing and moving about life in a positive way through the use of their own heart-centered, life-force energy.

A Recipe for Peace on Earth

The world needs to redirect its attention to our children. We have the opportunity to lift our children to higher ground, and then follow them there. We need to protect, support, encourage, nurture, and honor these amazing, spiritual beings. They are here to bring us back to our hearts and show us the sum and whole of our being. Teaching Reiki to children enables them to realize their natural gift for healing through love… the most powerful and highest frequency in the universe.

Children have far more power and wisdom than we will ever be able to recognize. As children, we are rich in curiosity, trust, and imagination. Children are unencumbered with the emotional scars and distorted perceptions associated with adulthood. Honoring the innate power of children is a first step toward recognizing their capacity for universal love and healing.