A Ray of Hope

"Being present is making contact with the essence of another person."

~Amanda Ford

A Craniosacral Therapy Session

I begin a session by connecting to my client. I then start by gently monitoring the craniosacral rhythm. That is the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid that flows throughout your craniosacral system.

To do that, I use a very gentle touch and I start listening with my hands and heart. At that point, I follow you into your journey of exploration as to what is happening with your body, heart and soul. In this part of the session, we have both entered an altered state of relaxation and you might reach a place of stillness where all things are possible and restrictions, traumas and awareness may be revealed.

As restrictions are revealed, I use delicate manual techniques that allow your body to shift and release those problem areas. The shifting and releasing of physical and/or emotional trauma facilitates healing at all levels, and that in turn allows for a healthy central nervous system and a radiant heart.

During sessions, I receive a “reading” (impressions, messages or information) that I share with you at the end of our session.

A craniosacral session for adults may last 60 to 90 minutes which includes the reading.  Children or infants’ sessions last anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes.

What you experience in a session is very individual. You might feel warmth, tingling or gentle pulsing. Sessions are generally deeply relaxing. I normally recommend treating yourself with love and kindness after a session.  Change and shifting has taken place and the body needs time to process the session.

A typical craniosacral session takes place in a quiet and private setting. You relax on a comfortable table and remain fully clothed throughout the session.